Process description

In the following paragraphs you will find a brief and essential description of the process occurring in our SigmaTecdealcoholisation station.

Fresh, unprocessed product is fed into SigmaTec system on the plate heat exchanger. The product is preheated in SIGMA plate heat exchanger, passes through a degasser where CO2 is removed from it, and then transported to the stripping section of the rectification column.

The product flows through the column at a temperature between 43 and 46°C. During the counter current flow, the product is in contact with hot vapour that cause a selective separation of alcohol from the product.

Alcohol-free product is then discharged from the bottom of the stripping column to the evaporator. In the evaporator, vapours necessary for the rectification process are produced. They are then redirected to the stripping column.

Completely alcohol-free product is discharged from SigmaTec station through a condenser and directed to a storage tank or for further processing.

Alcohol-containing vapour pass through stripping to the rectification section to be concentrated to a concentration of 75% (other concentrations as per request and needs of the investor).

In the patented Aroma Recovery Unit, aroma components are recovered and returned to beer/cider/or other product subject to dealcoholisation process. Vapours constituting waste product and containing alcohol are condensed at a low temperature, and after reaching liquid state, stored in storage tanks as alcohol that can be used for various industrial purposes. Alcohol constituting waste product in the vacuum rectification process is marketable, which means it can be sold separately to other production plants as a raw material or production component.